Our Citizens' Initiative explained in one minute ...

Join us in ensuring that this fast, fair and effective solution to climate change - advocated by many economists, including 27 Nobel laureates - is implemented in the EU.  Help us collect a million signatures and make our voice heard in the European Parliament!

The three parts of our climate solution

          Carbon Fee    +   Climate Income   +  Border Carbon Adjustment

The advantages

Climate change addressed.

A carbon fee is the most efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions. Any other
policy will cost more to achieve the same reduction.

Families get paid.

Most poor and middle income families will be better off. Money returned to households
allows people to choose how to spend it.

Jobs are created.

The recycled revenue has been demonstrated to create jobs in local communities and in
clean energy related work, such as energy efficiency and the renewable energy sector.

A healthier environment.

Less carbon emissions and air pollution will lead to better air quality. Many lives will be
saved and health issues avoided.

Further economic savings possible.

As other government policies are aligned there will be opportunities for savings, by removing
unnecessary regulations and subsidies.

Rewards positive environmental decisions.

Everyone has an incentive to consider energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint. This
is true for individuals, families, businesses, industry and the public sector.

Boosts low-carbon solutions and technological innovation.

The carbon fee gives a price signal to the market that will dramatically increase green
investments, accelerating development and large-scale commercialisation of low-carbon

Encourages global adoption.

The simplicity and transparency of the policy combined with the Border Carbon Adjustment
encourages other countries to adopt a similar policy, making the planet livable.

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What more can I do?

1. Sign the petition


2. Share this initiative with everyone you know


3. Join us and help us hand out flyers, collect signatures, write letters to the press, create media content and youtube videos, translate texts into other European languages ...